Monday, March 23, 2009

Cherry Trees

It was late fall when my husband and I moved into our house several years ago, so we didn't know exactly what was in our yard until the next spring. I was thrilled when I saw we had two beautiful cherry trees in our yard. Cherry trees are my favorite tree of spring--they are one of the first trees to bloom, and with their pale pink blossoms, they are just gorgeous and romantic. While I hate to see the blossoms disappear, there is nothing like the shower of petals falling from the tree that blankets the ground like pink snow.

Cherry trees in our yard (above)

A few years ago, I experienced cherry tree nirvana when we drove to Macon, GA for their Cherry Blossom Festival. Macon has over 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees, and we visited during the height of their bloom. Streets lined with cherry trees, yards filled with cherry trees--they were everywhere!

Anyway, my love of cherry trees inspired me to create my Cherry Tree Pendant. The trunk on this tree is a little exaggerated--I would say it has some "bonsai flair," but sometimes artistic license is necessary to make a piece work. The tree in the pendant is sawn with a jeweler's saw, pierced through an original drawing glued to the top of the silver. I finished with with a matte surface to give it a softer look. To me, it almost looks like a cherry tree in the moonlight.

Cherry Tree Pendant (available at

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