Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspired by Alexander Calder

The Etsy Metal team that I'm a member of has monthly challenges to create a piece of jewelry around a theme. In July the theme was to make something inspired by Alexander Calder. I've always loved his mobiles, for which he is best known. He also painted, did stationary sculpture, and painted. So, here's what I created, inspiration photo first.

Untitled by Alexander Calder, 1930 (courtesy Calder Foundation)
Pendant inspired by the painting, sterling silver and copper (the piece with the copper swings freely)
International Mobile by Alexander Calder, 1948 (photo courtesy Calder Foundation)
Kinetic earrings inspired by Calder's mobiles. The pieces at the bottom rotate with the motion of the wearer.
Check out the Etsy Metal blog post about this challenge.

I've always enjoyed looking through art history books looking for jewelry inspiration, so this is not the first time I've created things inspired by modern art. Some of the others:
More earrings inspired by Calder
Earrings inspired by Joan MirĂ³
Pendant inspired by Joan MirĂ³

Earrings inspired by Henri Matisse