Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trying Something New

One of my intentions for 2009 was to start a jewelry/art/design/creativity blog. However, it kept falling to the bottom of my to-do list, usurped by mundane (albeit necessary) chores. But this morning as I left the house, my husband told me it was Jackson Pollock’s birthday, and showed me a really cool website ( where you can create your own Pollock-esque work of art (over and over again, if you want—it’s a great time-waster). 

When I first thought of writing a blog, I decided that my first post would be called “Trying Something New.” When I got to work (at the Emory Dance Program), I made my own “Pollock” and displayed it on my desk for the day. I kept thinking that Jackson Pollock’s birthday would be a perfect day to “try something new.” I don’t think my blog will revolutionize anything, like Pollock’s work did for the art world, but I hope those who read it will enjoy it and be inspired to do something creative!

My intent for this blog is to showcase my own work, talk about sources of inspiration, and showcase the work of friends and colleagues who will hopefully share what creativity means to them, and what inspires them.

Inspiration comes from many places, often unexpectedly. My ideas might occur while on a walk in the park, while in the shower, while looking at art books, while surfing the Web, while driving to work. I never have enough time to make all of these ideas come to fruition in the form of a piece of jewelry (or even in a drawing), but some of them stick in my mind and won’t let go until I do something with them.

I hope to post once a week or so—so check back often, or click the "follow this blog" link on the right side of the page. Now, go try something new!

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